Given the fast-paced culture and environment in Hong Kong, where academic results are of utter importance to every student and parent, Taekwondo is usually merely a hobby to improve the physical health and confidence.  At U&I Korea Taekwondo, all classes are specially designed for two main purposes: fitness & building character. We do not aim to generate professional players every year, but instead we strive to provide the best quality teaching and promoting a healthy mind through a healthy body.  

Little Tots (3 years old)

The Little Tots Program is designed for children who are 3 years old, at this age the active little ones are naturally exploring the world and picking up new skills. Most of our programs for this age is not focused on teaching them self-defence but rather on the discipline, the physical exercise and the ability to follow instructions as toddlers aren’t developed enough yet to perform self-defense on their own.

Kids (4 to 6 years old)

The Kids Program is designed to meet the needs of preschool students from ages 4 to 6 years old. The students will not only build a solid foundation to progress in Taekwondo but also the necessary foundations that are required by many prestigious schools in Hong Kong. Students will strengthen skills such as self-discipline, mental readiness, large motor skills, social skills, and coordination in a fun martial arts experience. Our classes are designed to teach the younger student how to learn, pay attention, respect their teacher and class mates as well as build confidence. 

Juniors (7 to 9 years old)

The Juniors Program is designed for elementary school kids ages 7 to 9 years old. At this age range, students understand more about themselves and the surrounding, so our program focuses on instilling self-confidence, building a unique character and discipline. Students will learn kicks, strikes, and other self-defense techniques, mostly through the practical sparring training in class. They will also learn to teach younger children as we strive to help our students become confident, responsible leaders on and off the mat.

Teens (10 to 14 years old)

We put high demands upon the students’ physical and emotional faculties to develop a better person and a person capable of self-defense in our Teens Program. Also, for the purpose of college applications, we also provide the assistant program for the students to develop outstanding leadership skills and learn to be responsible. Taekwondo dojang is not just a place of exercise but also a place for children to build good relationships, personality development and self-defense and to push their own limits for this age group.

Adults (15 years old +)

Our Adults Program consists of fun and exciting classes designed specifically for adult students. Everyone, regardless of size, shape, physical conditions or previous experience can benefit from our Taekwondo training. We’ll provide a right mix of physical and mental training to build a solid foundation for self-defense and Taekwondo in an enjoying setting. Most of the classes will be focused on improving the students’ physical strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Also, we’ll provide the opportunity for parents to establish a stronger bond with their children through family Taekwondo.