Q: How old do you have to be to learn Taekwondo?

A: We train students as young as 2.5 years old, but we normally prefer accepting students who are at least 3 years old or above. You are never too old to start Taekwondo, as long as you do not have existing joint or back problems. Flexibility can be built through continuous stretching and practice, even if you have never done any martial arts before. Properly taught, Taekwondo does not usually create injuries, but it can exacerbate existing conditions.

Q: How often do students get promoted at U&I Korea Taekwondo?

A: Students need to pass a promotion test that examines their ability to punch, perform particular patterns/forms and combination kicks in order to obtain the next belt level. We hold a promotion test every 3 months and the best students in the test might get to skip a belt level based on our grand master’s decision.

Q: Do females train in Taekwondo?

A: Sure! Some of our best martial artists, including instructors and assistants, are female. Because Taekwondo is focused mainly on kicking, it is particularly effective as a practical self-defense mechanism for women and children.

Q: Do instructors in U&I Korea Taekwondo teach WT or ITF style of Taekwondo?

A: We teach WT (World Taekwondo Federation) Taekwondo, which is what they do at the Olympic Games.

Q: I did Taekwondo in other country before, can I continue with the belt level I obtained?

A: This will depend on the ability and the requirements for promotion in your previous school as compared to our club. If you know all the patterns and kicking that we require for your particular belt, then you can continue with your original belt. If not, the instructors might ask you to change to another belt level.

Q: How can I join a Demo/ Sparring Team?

A: Our instructors will personally select the ones who are eligible to become a Demo/Sparring team member. Demo Teams are part of our more elite programs and something students look forward to.

Q. Are private lessons available?

A: Yes, indeed they are very popular.

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